ESOL Students Rotherham

ESOL Courses & Accreditation


We have classes at all levels from pre-entry level to level 2. Our classes run during the day, Monday to Friday

You will study a wide range of interesting topics to help you develop your English language skills and grow in confidence to engage with services, attend social activities and make new friends

Throughout the course, you will develop all four language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. We will give you the skills you need to feel confident using your English both in your everyday lives and in the workplace

All of our courses are accredited


A qualified teacher will assess your English. They will talk to you to find out your level in speaking and listening. They will also ask you to do some reading and writing. 

We will then talk to you about your level and which class is the most suitable for you to join

Using the NQF (National Qualifications Framework) levels, you will be assessed at a level from pre-entry (very low English skills) up to level 2 (which is roughly equivalent to GCSE level)

Join Our Classes

If you would like to join a class then you can do this by either emailing your initial enquiry to or by calling 07722 075 240.  We will then either put your name on the waiting list or invite you in for assessment.  We will complete all of this strictly by appointment.  

You need to speak English everywhere…

It is very hard to live in this country without English. You need to speak everywhere like school, surgery, shopping area and impossible to take an interpreter to everywhere.

Job Applications

Learning English make me feel more confident in applying for a job because I can explain what I wanted to say.

Improved confidence

This class has helped me to become more confident with reading and writing. I can apply for some jobs as I now can read some of the words.

Passing Exams

 I have learnt so much in this class. Without it I wouldn’t pass my exams.

Helping with homework

I am now able to write much more than just the takeaway food orders. Thanks to this extra class I can write in sentences rather than just word lists. I can support my children with their homework.