Hello everyone!

Welcome to our very first blog! As classes return to face to face delivery, let’s see what one of our teachers has been doing over half term. 

This weekend I had the opportunity to watch a theatre production created by the Good Chance Theatre group called Amal. Amal is the puppet(you can see in the photo) and has travelled 8000km to get to the UK. She has travelled  from Syria, via Turkey, Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Germany and then finally arriving in the UK. 

Amal is a puppet representing one of many refugee children who flee their countries from persecution.

ESOL Half term experiences

As a charity organisation, we offer English classes to people like Amal. Although we don’t teach children, our learners are often migrants over 18, some who have a story of fleeing just like Amal. 

If you wish to enquire about classes at Premier Learning, please email or message us. 

At  Premier Learning  we take pride in ensuring we offer an inclusive classroom where equality and diversity are both acknowledged and celebrated. Anyone who enters our organisation is welcomed and respected in a safe space. 

As a student at Premier Learning, learners  can expect high quality teaching and opportunities to progress.  

Feedback from teachers on progress drives success and motivates all to be the very best they can be. 

We hope to see you and welcome you in an English class with us soon!