Using the technology in blog two helped us in the lockdown and most learners started to use Zoom for the first time. They worked well at connecting each week to have their English lessons. Google Classroom helped them to show their homework to their teachers and receive comments on what to
do to improve their English.

We are still online, but a lot of the time now we are face to face. Learners sometimes feel the pressure from the pandemic when they wear masks in class because it is not just for thirty minutes in the supermarket and then home. Social distancing, not being able to sit close to their classmates and compare work. Not being able to share pens, pencils, and other stationery. Having to be careful to respect everyone’s space more than ever.

The pressure is also there to understand what is expected with lateral flow tests, which vaccine to have, how many to have.

These have all been things to put in the classroom so that learners feel informed and so that they understand the process to remove some, most or ambitiously all the
pandemic pressure.

Learners who come to class every week and work hard have made us happy and proud. They have tried hard and always show a smile and strength. Thank you to our learners for seeing the pandemic pressure and learning English in a positive way at a difficult time in the world.

As you can see from the photo, digital devices are now an integral part of the classroom.

We are sure 2022 will be better than 2021 and 2020. Happy New Year!

ESOL 2022 happy new year